CR1616 Battery
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CR1616 Battery

The CR1616 is a small lithium button cell battery. 

$2.50 5 Pack w/ Free Shipping

About the CR1616 Battery
The CR1616 button cell battery is a 3 volt battery with the following specifications:
CRLithium/manganese dioxide chemistry
1616mm diameter
161.6mm height 

Compatible Battery Names
The CR1616 is the most common name, but there are other names manufactures use for their brand of battery.  These names are all compatible with each other.
DL1616, DL1616B, BR1616, BR1616-1W, CR1616-1W, ECR1616, KCR1616, LM1616, 5021LC, 208-202, L11, L28

How to Save Money on CR1616 Batteries
CR batteries have the same chemistry so generic batteries have the same capacity as brand name batteries.  You can buy generic batteries to save money.

Battery Capacity
The capacity of the CR1616 battery is 50-55 mAh.

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